Dr John Wright




Welcome to this gastroenterology practice. We offer a diagnostic service with a particular interest in inflammatory and irritable bowel conditions. The practice is built around 4 objectives in addressing patient problems.

The first objective
Objective 1

is to understand the underlying gastrointestinal physiology of the presenting symptoms and then to extrapolate to the possible patho-physiological disturbance at play. From this a tentative diagnosis is reached and confirming investigations undertaken.

The second objective
Objective 2

is that all investigations need to answer a specific question relating to the putative diagnosis.

The third objective
Objective 3

is that the underlying physiological or pathological process is explained to the patient. This is particularly important where patients need to attempt physiological modification. In the case of a pathological process an understanding of the objective of treatment is as essential as the reassurance of a treatment plan.

The fourth objective
Objective 4

is that treatment is planned on the basis of the disturbed physiology or underlying pathology. When symptoms defy logical interpretation this is explained to the patient and symptomatic relief planned. Generally however treatment is aimed at the physiological or pathological disturbance rather than just the symptoms.