Dr John Wright



Gastroscopy in the Rooms

We perform all our procedures in the rooms.

We use a fully equipped endoscopy room with trained staff. The advantage of this is that it makes procedures quick and simple for the patient and us. A gastroscopy takes about 3 minutes to perform. Because we are not subject to hospital costs our prices are much lower than others. This benefits patients and medical aids.

Gastroscopy involves passing a 9mm flexible tube through the mouth into the stomach. In theory, this should be a simple painless procedure and it is! The problem is that we all try to protect our breathing passages so a feeling of suffocation is commonly felt by patients. Once a breath is taken through the mouth our sub-conscious usually relaxes and allows the procedure to go ahead without any problem. Clearly this is easier said than done. To help we give a mild sedative and most importantly spray an anaesthetic spray in the throat. The 2 to 3 minutes it takes makes it possible in 99% of patients!